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Look here for any kind of software related information. You will find links to documentation pages as well as access information to bugtracking or SVN.

Mantis Bug Tracking System

Part of the documentation environment is also the read access to our bug tracking system. Active developers have full access to this server. Feel free to contact us using this link if you do not already have our email address.


We use SVN for version control.

Doxygen Sourcecode Documentation

For the eXplorers Pal software we use Doxygen to create an online documentation. This will allow everybody to have a look at the source code without a SVN access already.

HowTo setup your project build environment

This section will provide a howto description for the configuration and build environment for Linuy as well as for windows users. The setup is making use of the automake & autoconf system to configure your build eg. for the correct CPU on your board.