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eXplorersPal is a hard- and software project to design a Platform for the following purpose:

  • Comfortable data accquisition for the OpenStreetMap Project ( in a more efficient way than with a navigation device
  • Provide a platform for and with open source software that the system can be adapted for any desired application
  • Many operating hours using ordinary batteries and a system that can be operated while the person is walking

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Since October 2012 we work at the bring-up of 30 systems. Thanks to the sponsoring we are able to lend the systems to interested developers and users for the time they take part in the project. Not covered by the sponsoring is the GPS-module and any kind of tools for the firmware development. Feel free to get in contact with us if you like to get involved.

Many thanks to our sponsors:


Project History and Status

This page will describe how the project evolved from the beginning and what the current status is.


Here you can find the available documentation for eXplorers Pal Software and Hardware.


Get access to our project source code and other information packages.


Frequently asked questions and information that we like to provide up front.


Some legal information, as usual.