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Why a new Platform?

All this is possible with software on a cell phone or a mobile PC.

Well, beside the fact, that we have fun doing that, there are some more substantial arguments:

  • Navigation systems with a good quality GPS receiver do not allow to store all the other information one might like to collect for OSM.
  • Smartphones with a built-in GPS do not have the desired accuracy in many cases. The system is good enough to navigate, but questionable for mapping.
  • When running with GPS and the built-in computer running, most hand held computers give up after some single hours already.
  • Hand-held PCs with touch screen and stylus are hard to use while walking.
  • Many systems with color display and backlight are hard to use in a sunny outdoor environment.
  • Writing some text with 10 cell phone keys is widely accepted, it is getting hard when special characters are involved.
  • Well-equipped handheld PCs and smart phones have a considerable price and develop very fast.
  • Nobody really likes to write software for older and therefore cheap hand helds.